Percy and leo bromance fanfic

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Percy and leo bromance fanfic

When Leo heard people at camp talk about Percy, he didn't know what to think. Sure, Leo knew that everyone looked up to the son of Poseidon, and Annabeth missed him a lot like a lotbut he wasn't sure exactly who Percy was or what exactly made him so awesome.

Kids around camp all had these fantastic stories, and this Percy dude showed up in almost every. Like seriously, this guy was everywhere. From killing the Minotaur to helping the Stolls cover the Aphrodite cabin with silly string, this Percy dude either was really involved, or just really bored all the time. Or both, Leo didn't know. People had different versions of the demigod too.

One person would tell Leo that Percy was a big goofball and messed around all the time, and another person would say that he was super brave, focused and a killing machine.

Or he was a really prissy little kid who didn't know what he was doing Guess who that was. Leo was confused, so he kinda gave up and just focused on building the Argo II. That, and Annabeth was constantly pushing him to keep working on it. She looked so tired, so beaten, so lonely that Leo couldn't wait to see her face when they found her elusive boyfriend.

So when they landed in New Rome and she judo-flipped him, Leo cracked up. Leo was picturing a really buff, muscular guy with like, a tight shirt and an attitude that screamed, I'm awesome and everyone loves me. So when he saw a lean dude with really messy hair and a sheepish grin pinned on the stone floor by a little girl no offence AnnabethLeo couldn't stop laughing.

Percy was goofy. He was wearing a bedsheet for crying out loud. Percy looked like a kid in a candy store when he saw Annabeth, he was running around excitedly and pointing out things and laughing and overall acting like a 10 year old on a sugar high.

But that was before Leo blew up New Rome. Suddenly, Percy wasn't the silly teenager anymore. He was a furious, warrior mama bear who was glaring at Leo with a dangerous light in his eyes.

Staring at Leo, who mistakenly blew up his city, almost hurt his friends, and could be an enemy. Leo was so scared he couldn't move. Suddenly he could believe that the childish prankster was also the ferocious predator, and Leo was the prey.

Thank the gods that Annabeth was on Leo's side. One of her hands on Percy's shoulder, and Leo was safe. Percy stalked off, leaving Leo to sigh in relief.The Fanfic One Night's Mistake.

Lots of cursing. Well, not so much in the beginning, but oh well lol Type: Fanfiction what is this site again? Jason left Piper for Reyna after the war, having received the rest of his memories. It started as a day at the coffee parlor in New York, and became a rollercoaster from there One night, in the middle of their senior year, something big happens. Their choices will impact the rest of their lives, and their friends. It all started out slow, and in one night became a jet plane of life- and changes everything.

When the unexpected happens, Leo is forced to grow up, and become more like an adult. Piper is forced to limit her access to the outside world, arising suspicion in her close friends When her friends discover the truth, they are in disbelief.

Some of his choices have been poor, leading him to this disaster. The Fanfic replies. Next Previous Showing Replies of That's awesome!! I love the post!! XD XD Nice! Post soon!!!! Lol XD Awesome chapter!! I need to stay updated on you forums cuz you have a million :P Really, Percy? Froot Loops?

Haha it's so Leo to do this kind of stuff xD Awesome job!!! Post soon!! Uh, not trying to be pushy here but LOL and why is the world ending? Leo thought- Shoot. Shaking his head, he started walking to his locker. After he dropped his books off, he bumped into Kristen. Behind him, Percy clapped him on the back. Percy smirked, and Leo ignored him. At least he could heat up an experiment with his awesome fire-powers.

Tinkle demonstrated pouring water into a cup. Tinkle gave Leo a dirty look. The rest of the class snorted, and someone gave a loud laugh. Tinkle ignored it and continued the lab. Percy made a fist under the table, and caused the glass of water to spill on Mr.This was not what I was expecting.

Everything was going fine. Okay, his actions weren't all that much of a surprise because I knew he had a crush.

I only suspected it at first, but when he accused Percy of cheating, I knew what he was up to. I know I keep bringing up how he accused Percy of cheating, but Percy would never in a million life times try something like that, especially with Thalia.

They're practically cousins! If we used DNA on the godly side, that is. But that would also mean that Percy is my first cousin one removed, and I really don't want to think that.

Anyway, like I said, everything was fine, we were just talking.

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Then he kissed me. His lips were hard and cold, ruff and persistent. Nothing like Percy's kisses. His were warm and soft and felt like a million volts of electricity were pumping through my veins, forget butterflies, a full orchestra twirled around in my stomach when Percy kisses me. But Brad? More of like all the blood leaves my body making me die a painful death. I decided to have a bit of fun. Don't stare at me, I was loopy on cough medicine drugs.

I pulled his shirt closer to me with my fist.

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He softly hummed under his breath. It wasn't a make out. It hadn't lasted longer than 3 seconds.Leo sat there wondering who else to put under his command. If he got Annabeth, then Percy would also fall. So he decided to go get Annabeth. Leo waited until night to do it as everyone would be asleep.

Leo snuck into the Athena Cabin. He'd then put a collar on Annabeth. Annabeth's eyes open and her gray eyes become glossy. Leo explained everything to the now slave. He knew what he wanted to do. Leo then ran into the Poseidon cabin quietly. Percy was sleeping. He'd then put the collar on Percy. Leo explained everything as he did to Annabeth. Leo went to his cabin and went to bed.

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Leo woke up and went to breakfeast. He'd walk up to Mai giving her a telepathic command to say Yes to when he asked her something. Mai smiled. Leo sent out another telepathic command to hug him. Mai smiled even more blushing as she hugged him. She soon stopped and went to go finish her breakfeast. After breakfeast, Leo sent out a command for them to meet him in Bunker 9. When they arrived. Leo whispered into Jason and Piper's ears.

percy and leo bromance fanfic

He'd whisper again. Leo told the others except Piper to go. Anyone who notices you before you reach your cabin you will fuck. Piper obeyed. Piper soon walked away naked.I was walking down the street going about my own sweet business when a biker comes riding by.

He whizzes past me causing me to hit my head on a wall and scrape my ribs pretty bad. My hand are torn up too. All the sudden I hear someone shout. Are you ok!? Percy's description " y. Y y yeah" I manage to stutter out.

percy and leo bromance fanfic

I flush and the stranger chuckles. He doesn't seem creepy. So I nod. He grins. We get to his medium sized apartment, it is beautiful. The walls are a sea foam blue, and most of the furniture is black. There is a fluffy rug on the floor, and lots of windows. Before disappearing into the back. I sit carefully on the edge of the large black leather sofa, clutching my ribs a bit.

Jason \u0026 Percy [Bromance]

The stranger, no percy comes back in carrying a big box of bandages and medicine. Well take care of your hands first though. When i finally get it off percy is walking around me looking for injuries but there is a faint flush in his cheeks too. After a while he is still sitting here looking at me.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Phenomenal Fanfics. Amazing fics, only high class stuff. If you've found yourself searching through communities that say they have good fics in them, and you've found nothing, like me, this place is for you.

Mostly one shots by great people like Bexichan, Greenconverses, SeptemberLight and more. I also try to add authors that don't get a lot of press. Buford's grave encounter with dishwater by ricecookerwritings reviews The legendary Perseus Jackson looks pretty intimidating through the eyes of Leo Valdez, those first hours after the Camp Jupiter fiasco.

But when Percy gets in trouble with Buford, it's Leo to the rescue, with unexpected honesty and bromance as a result. Percy-Leo friendship. No slash. Tattoo by ricecookerwritings reviews She had disliked the tattoo from the start. It ignites their first argument since the reunion, but the patching up opens her eyes to new things. Set during the first day of MoA, all the culture clash, misunderstandings and comfort fluff I personally missed in the book.

Leo couldn't sleep. How did they end up sparring at midnight? The Answer to All Things Interesting by lollygirl reviews After months of wondering and plenty of accumulated questions, Paul finally witnesses something that prompts Sally and Percy to explain everything. And they MEAN everything. But how hard will it be to make Paul understand that they aren't lying? Along the way, she learns a few things.

Set between Sea of Monsters and Titan's Curse. VIII by purpleshadowmonster reviews Eight months is a while to wait.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

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Basically, Nico thinks Leo is cheating on him and asks him about it, and then Nico and Leo get together with Will. Nico is tasked with bringing a, supposed, demigod to Camp Half Blood safely. Except, the only issue with that is that this specific demigod happens to also be an A-List actor who's been involved in more controversies than Nico can count.

It's not at all how Nico wants to spend his time, but here he is working as Leo Valdez's Personal assistant for the foreseeable future until he can convince the washed up superstar that the monsters he keeps seeing are real. Or: Nico is tired and doesn't like Hollywood, Leo thinks he's going insane and is tired of stardom, Piper and Jason are good bros and everyone else needs a reality check.

Two Dumbass Teenage boys go through feels because Teenage boy 1 thinks he has to shoulder all his problems alone, please do not do this, but fear not, for Teenage boy 2 will stop this shitty habit with extra feels. One night, at a beach party, Leo asked Nico to dance with him.

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And because of that question, the son of Hephaestus is completely taken by the son of Hades, to the point where Leo goes on a 'quest' to try and swoon Nico to go out with him. But because of a certain turn of events dealing with idiotic children of Aphrodite, all of his plans get cut short, because a certain blonde sun god is hit with an Arrow of Eros, and is now madly in love with the son of Hephaestus.

And if they don't find a cure soon, Nico's knows of a beautiful place they could send the over bearing god, and it starts with a 'T. This is a braindump of Valdangelo oneshots, I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to request and please don't leave hate! Piper: are you sure? High School AU. Leo Valdez never meant to meet the boy on the rooftop. Neither did the boy on the rooftop.

Piper finally books the Victoria's Secret Fashion show, not only as a model but as an Angel and she couldn't be happier. She's going to walk the most famous fashion show in the world wit ha pair of wings on her back.

percy and leo bromance fanfic

That is, until the girl who broke Piper's heart comes back into her life after returning home from a World tour. Piper is faced with the choice of seeing Calypso, her best friend's PR girlfriend again or running away from the chance to ever have anything worth while. Takes place within the same AU as Proof of Life in the Shadows, you don't have to have read it but it would probably make a few things easier to understand.

Annabeth Chase knows she isn't gay. But that's not stopping her father and stepmother from sending her to a conversion camp. Even so, she finds something there she never expected to find there. Nico Di Angelo is Gay. He had known that for a long time. What Nico didn't know is how people would react, however badly it went. But sometimes you find love in one place, and you can't let it go.


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